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FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 1:00am PST
% approve. on the economy, a whopping 65% disapprove. 31% approve. and on immigration policy, 60% disapprove of the president's take, just 32% approve. so you can see the president is standing among americans is at its lowest point ever. the question now becomes can the republican party capitalize in the grand ole party still divided between so-called moderate republicans and committed conservatives. the brawl has been going on for years. and right now the tea party is right in the middle of it. according to real clear politics average, a possible presidential candidates. chris christie a moderate is ahead at 189 percent. conservative rand paul 17%. senator ted cruz 12%. florida senator marco rubio 12%. congressman paul ryan 11%. and jeb bush 10.5%: all these men have a chance to run against hillary clinton in 2016. mrs. clinton is far ahead of any democratic challenger and will remain so. with americans disenchanted by obama care and a bad economy, it would seem the republicans would have some momentum, but they don't. because there is not one clear message. and even on philosophy, politic
FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 1:00am PST
. a couple of solutions. the modern setters movement. where if you're an undocumented worker or immigrant, move to detroit. if you work hard and clean it up, you have it. it's yours. you solve two problems at once. lisa depasquale wrote an article on the $20 million in art owned by detroit, if they sold that, they could take care of this. sell is art. final suggestion, put trump in exampl charge. he cuts through the red tape. like him or not. >> let's skip ahead. ed haenry with jay carney. asking what he meant by saving detroit? >> is the president going the let detroit go bankrupt? >> i think that happened awhile ago. >> didn't he say it would be awful if they went bankrupt? it wasn't enough to help the auto industry. i think in the campaign, he said it would be horrible. >> i think there is enormous hardship caused by what is happening in detroit. this needs to be resolved between the city and it creditors. >> look, i know, ed couched it in president obama mentioned the auto industry. >> as i recall, the president's answer was vague. they left it vegas. because michigan at the time, mig
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
the flat tax idea, makes a lot of sense, he didn't mention here that he is going to allow immigrants to come in. i better be careful here. >> no, relax. >> keep going, bob. >> it's going so well before. >> stand down, bob beckle. >> by the way, i want to congratulate you on getting this on your show. i was on your show last week. you got the top rated show -- >> the number one show in all -- >> so we'll see how i do against paul. >> beckle can light a fire in a crowded room and make things happen. his plan is not only economic, it's also education, it's also regulation. it's socioeconomics. >> i love that he goes, he talks about it. on the epa stuff, i would just say from a messaging standpoint, very careful, if you say you're going to reduce epa. moms here, dirty air, dirty water, kids aren't protected. so careful with that. i think kentucky's got a lot of problems, probably could use his attention right now. i think he's setting himself up for possibly bigger office in the future. and that this is something that is bold and courageous. >> and exactly right, dana's right -- >> it's
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
. >> where if you're an undocumented worker or immigrant, move to detroit. and if you work hard and you clean it up, you have it. it's yours. you solve two problems at once. they wrote a great article on the $20 billion in art owned by detroit. if they sold that art, that would take care of the debt and save the pensions for all those workers. sell the damn art. don't hide it. and the third and final suggestion, put trump in charge. that guy got that wellman skating rink when no one else does. he gets stuff done. >> let's skip ahead. the next one in the rundown which is ed henry with jay carney. take a listen about what he meant by saving detroit. listen. >> is the president going to let detroit go bankrupt? >> ed, i think that. haed a while ago. >> wasn't there a campaign that it would be awful to go bankrupt? he obviously helped the auto industry, got them back on their feet, but it wasn't enough. i thought in the campaign he said it would be horrible for detroit to go bankruptcy. >> i think there's an onus hardship caused by what happened in detroit which is why it needs to be resolved bet
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4